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The son of the ROBLOXian god of fire and metalwork, Hepheastus345
Vital statistics
Title The Flame Protecter
Gender Male
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Location Roblox

ROBLOX. DialectMetal. awesome.


At age 12 he was surrendered to the mortals for the complaining of wanting a sword from his father, Hepheastus345, who had other things on his mind. Hades345, the ROBLOXian god of the Underworld, tempted him many times. He refused them all. At one time in his journey, apparently, Pan345, the ROBLOXian god of nature, was mad at him, sending a forest straight in front of the demi-god. Pulling out Flaming Forest, his sword with a flame-shape and fire-red blade, he slised his way through. At one time, he could not reach his blade, so he burnt the rest of the forest. Later in his life, he found his true love, AmyHearts, the daughter of the ROBLOXian goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite345. He also met MaxAxe, the fearless son of the ROBLOXian god Ares345, DylanVine, unknown in god or goddess parent, and TreeHugger67, the strange-looking son of Pan345. As they join together, they found out more about each other. (the information they got is unimportant here) They then named the team Half-Blood Builders, because in ROBLOX you build stuff, and placed him as king and AmyHearts as queen.


ROBLOX is a fun place, he is not involved in Wikia.


No way to defeat him. He only defeats you.


"If I ever get a sword, I will be sixteen thousand, and dead" quote by DialectMetal.


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